Family Mart Malaysia

【新品推荐】Family Mart全新Sofuto!法式Crème brûlée焦糖布丁口味!

Family Mart推出新口味!法式焦糖布丁Sofuto!


Family Mart Malaysia从即日起推出全新French Crème brûlée 法式焦糖布丁口味雪糕!浓浓的奶香味撒上焦糖(Caramel Sugar Crust),不止好看,也很好吃!

新口味Sofuto售价为RM3.90,KLIA 2和Genting 的分行售价将有所不同。


除了新口味推荐,也顺便提醒大家,今天(7月15号)到Family Mart,只需使用TnG电子钱包付款,Family Mart Sofuto雪糕只需RM1。


  • 优惠日期:15 July 20202(Wednesday)
  • 优惠条件:透过TnG电子钱包付款
  • 促销地点:全马分行(除了KLIA2 & Genting分行)

【Terms & Conditions】

1)Promotion period is:

  • 1 – 7 June 2020 (daily)
  • 10 June – 15 July 2020 (every Wednesday)

2) All Touch ‘n Go eWallet users are entitled to purchase one (1) promotional item when making payment using the Touch ‘n Go eWallet “Pay” function.

3) The selection of the promotional items are as follows:

One (1) cone of

  • Belgium Dark Chocolate Sofuto; or
  • Matcha Sofuto; or
  • Hakuto White Peach Sofuto.

4) Limited to one (1) promotional item per transaction/bill. No split transaction/bill is allowed.

5) This promotion is applicable to all FamilyMart outlets except KLIA2 and Genting Highland outlets. Subject to flavours and/or stocks availability at each outlet.